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Introducing our Ambassador

We are excited to introduce Daniel Eggington as the newest addition to the Space Outdoors family

Daniel is a seasoned adventurer, expedition leader, and guide, specialising in exploring some of the most remote and challenging regions around the world.

Daniel has been an invaluable asset to our team throughout our 2023 season. He has taken the lead in guiding our walks and providing his quiet yet impactful inspiration to participants. We are delighted Daniel has agreed to become an ambassador for Space.

In 2022, Daniel undertook an extraordinary journey by trekking through the notorious Darien Gap, a hazardous region, situated on the border between Panama and Colombia. To read more about Daniel's remarkable adventures and his deep-seated commitment to the delicate ecosystems of Central and South America, click here.

Daniel is currently back in South America soon to set out to explore one of the longest and most remote rivers in the world. In keeping with Daniel's ecological priorities he will be using a traditional dug out canoe provided by local indigenous people of this region.

Daniel travels without support, he uses local guides and relies on foraging and fishing for his food. To find out more about The Blackwater expedition and keep up to date with Daniel's progress go to Daniel's webpage at or click here.


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